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Application: CB3048-83 motor driven tight wire reel is suitable for all kinds of ships, except towing or using for stranded cable. This type mooring wire reel is controlled by a motor, by operating a operating handle connected with a  worm gear reducer. This standard wire reel has three types: Type A,Type AS ,Type B, among which Type AS has double reels. Steel wire size is the key to choose a right wire reel. Please check with the parameters on data sheets.

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Features of CB3048-83 Motor Driven Steel Wire Reel

1. Model: A26,A32,AS 26, AS 32, B39,B48

2. Max. Diameter of Steel Wire: 26~48.5mm;

3. Steel Length: 210-220m;

4. Material: Steel;

5. No Pit, Burr, Crack or Any Other Defects;

Motor Driven Mooring Steel Wire Reel CB 3048-83


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