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1. Defrosting function: after the glass is energized, the surface temerature will rise ( usually 35℃-40℃) and remain above the dew point of the air, so that frost and dew condensation will not occur on the glass surface.


2. Good optical property: The conductive wire is used as the heating medium to ensure that the glass has excellent light transmittance performance and anti-distortion performance, so the the driver can see clearly, truly and with high resolution through glass observation.


3. Anti-ultraviolet radition function: the glass has a high ultraviolet absoprtion capacity, which can effectively block ultraviolet lights from entering the room and reduce the damage of the ultraviolet lights to the driver and indoor facilities.


4. Safety: the glass is compounded of organic and inorganic materials. After the glass is broken, it can still maintain in a whole and can be prevented from being broken down, so it has very good safety.

Electrically Heated Glass


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