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CLH type pump is in accordance with ISO international standards and the design of a single stage, single suction, level inlet and outlet of the centrifugal pump, the motor shaft and the pump shaft flange connection is convenient to disassemble, is CSG (CSW) type pump improvement products. Can be used as various ship ballast pump, bilge pump, drainage pump, cooling pump, fire pump, and is also suitable for the petrochemical pipe City, high-rise building water and circulation system of the booster pump. Transmission fluid temperature not exceeding 75℃. CSG (CSW) type water pump using IS type centrifugal pump performance parameter, coaxial pump machine has the advantages of simple structure, in strict accordance with international standards of ISO2858and the new national standards for the design of successful energy efficient products is to replace IS type horizontal pump, type DL pump and conventional products centrifugal pump. Basic type, expanding type, A, B, C cutting type and so on more than 400 kinds of specifications. According to the flow medium and temperature difference, the design and manufacture of same parameters of pump hot water (200℃), chemical pumps, oil pumps, explosion-proof chemical pump. CSGB Series marine vertical centrifugal pump, motor with YH Series motor, a pump adopts the detachable structure, solve the replacement of high-power pump bearings, mechanical seal, impeller wearing parts such as the problem of the inconvenient.


Model Explanation CLH ( CSG/CSW(R,H,R,GH) D、CSGB) 50-160 (I) A(B,C)

CLH—  Marine vertical sea water pump
CSG—   Single-stage single-inlet marine vertical centrifugal pump
CSW—   Single-stage single-inlet marine horizontal centrifugal pump
R/H/B/BH— Hot-water pump/Chemical pump/Oil pump/Non-explosive chemical pump
D— Slow Speed of revolution
CSGB—Marine vertical removable pipeline centrifugal pump
50— Inlet and outlet diameter 50 mm
160— Nominal diameter of impeller 160mm
I—  Flow classification
A(B, C)— Impeller processed with 1(2, 3)cutting

CLH Series Marine Vertical Centrifugal Pump


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